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In 2021, Mental Health Awareness Week (MHAW) will be held on 27 September - 3 October.

MHAW is run annually by the Mental Health Foundation and has been since 1993. MHAW is endorsed by the World Federation for Mental Health and is marked in over 150 countries at different times of the year. 

This year's theme is take time to kōrero/mā te kōrero, ka ora - a little chat can go a long way.

This MHAW is all about connecting with the people in our lives and creating space for conversations about mental health and wellbeing. Whether it’s checking in with a mate, having a kōrero over some kai or saying hello to a stranger, a little chat can go a long way. 

We’ve chosen this theme because the little, everyday conversations we have are surprisingly important – and they make a big difference to our mental health – so we want you to take notice of the kōrero that makes you feel good and do it more often. Over time, these small chats create meaningful connections, help us understand each other better and ensure we have people we can count on when times are tough.


Te Reo Māori slogan 

MĀ TE KŌRERO, KA ORA: Through conversation, comes wellbeing

ITI TE KUPU, NUI TE KŌRERO: A little chat can go a long way*

*Whilst this is not a direct translation, we chose this whakataukī because we feel its sentiment speaks really nicely to the theme and importance of taking time to kōrero. It highlights the significance of the small yet impactful kōrero we have with our whānau and friends every day, as well as acknowledging that communication can come in many different forms. Whether a person has a few or many words to say, a wealth of knowledge and aroha can be found in even the smallest of words.


Whakataukī / Whakatauākī

Whakataukī are proverbs and poetic forms of te reo Māori, which are used in a range of contexts in te ao Māori such as whaikōrero/formal speeches to support the speaker in making a point and in aligning the present with the wisdom of tīpuna/tūpuna/ancestors. A whakatauākī is a proverb where the original speaker is known.

The guiding whakataukī for Mental Health Awareness Week 2021 is:

Mā te whakarongo, ka mōhio
through listening, comes knowledge

Mā te mōhio, ka mārama,
through knowledge, comes understanding

Mā te mārama, ka matau,
through understanding, comes wisdom

Mā te matau, ka ora
through wisdom, comes wellbeing


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